Whether you have a home that is overdue for a renovation or one that just needs a bit of sprucing up you might be worried that it will be difficult to sell. In fact, you might delay listing your property for that reason.

The good news is you don’t need to fix up everything in your home to prepare it for sale. Focus on the important projects first and select others that are most likely to help it show well and sell quickly.

Here are some projects to consider:

  • Repairs. Few things stand out more during a viewing than something in obvious need of repair. That includes minor issues, like a dripping bathroom faucet, as well as major concerns, such as the central air conditioning unit not working. Get these repairs done before listing.
  • Painting. Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable DIY projects you can do, yet the impact it can have on your home is stunning. Some rooms are completely transformed by a fresh coat of paint. Keep the colours neutral – this helps buyers envision their own furniture in your home.
  • De-Personalize & De-Clutter. Think “less is more”. Replace your family photos with a few pieces of inexpensive artwork. Clear your countertops of small appliances and any extra items that take up space and can be stored away. Pack up as much clutter around your home as you can and you decide whether to store it, donate it or simply throw it away. Don’t forget about your closets! Buyers look in there too.
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms. Buyers love to see great looking kitchens and bathrooms. You don’t necessarily need to do a major renovation of these spaces (as they can be quite costly) however a simple makeover can make a big impact. In addition to painting, consider replacing old sinks, resurfacing countertops, and updating light fixtures and cabinet hardware.
  • Floors. If the floors in any of your rooms have become worn and unsightly, look at options for refreshing them. Consider replacing carpeting, refinishing hardwood, and/or getting tiles professionally cleaned and polished.
  • Outdoors. Explore ways to improve your deck or patio, walkways, and landscaping. Spruce up your home’s curb appeal by creating an inviting entryway. This can be as simple as adding flowers, a wreath on the door and by making sure it’s clean and house numbers are visible and polished.
  • Staging your home. If you have the money to do so you can hire professional home stagers. On the other hand, we can help you stage your home using what you already have! This can be as easy as removing excess furniture to help make your rooms look more open and spacious and arranging them in a way that gives your home a welcoming flow.

Want more ideas for finding eager buyers for your home? Call Team Kari McBride today!

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